Search and selection at the highest level

Driven by a genuine interest in people and organisations

Finding the right match is vital for both candidates and organisations. And this applies all the more to management, supervisory and executive board positions. Beljon Westerterp is a seasoned specialist in executive search for strategic, executive and supervisory positions. Dedication and diligence are the hallmarks of our approach. In this approach, we combine a reliable, proven process with innovative modern tools and methods.

Seasoned service provider for companies, non-profit organisations and the government

With over 30 years of experience and a network of offices throughout the entire country, we are among the top five recruiters for strategic positions at companies and organisations. Our expert consultants are objective and dedicated discussion partners at management and board level. Everything we do is based on our genuine interest in people and organisations. We have extensive branch and sector experience in both the business and non-profit worlds. We are experienced consultants in the care, education and government sectors. We are also often called in to resolve succession issues for family firms.

We are successful thanks to the quality of our expert consultants and an approach that offers certainty for both the client and the candidate. This targeted, highly professional approach is always geared towards finding the underlying motivations and the best match. This is our guarantee for building long-lasting relationships.

A proven and effective approach to executive search

Because we are a discussion partner at the highest level, we are able to find the right candidate. This is often based on a long-standing relationship with management or the board. That is precisely why we invest a great deal of time and care into building our relationship with clients.

When searching, we follow a thorough procedure:
  • Assessment: in-depth discussions, profiling and time management
  • Recruitment: multi-channel approach, social recruitment, online and print media, network and Internet search
  • Selection: preliminary selection, two rounds of interviews and assessment
  • Appointment: references check, pre-employment screening and working conditions
  • Evaluation and progress: process evaluation and guidance for up to six months after entering into employment

The lead time for recruitment spans 8-10 weeks.

Positions with a strategic impact

Beljon Westerterp is a specialist when it comes to high-level positions:

  • Top managers and professionals
  • Management and board positions
  • Trustees and supervisors

Thorough and diligent

Certainty in finding a successful match for people and organisations

Our thorough approach ensures certainty for both the client and the candidate. Our in-depth knowledge of an organisation's needs and genuine interest in what motivates the candidate are the keys to a successful recruitment process. Throughout the entire process, we maintain the four-eyes principle whereby two consultants are always involved in the recruitment and selection of a candidate. We maintain constant, close contact with both the candidates and the client throughout the process. We also invest a great deal of time and attention in the period that follows a successful recruitment.

Our clients can rely on our work method that has proven successful for over 30 years.

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Interlocutors at a strategic level

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