Executive search and management development for international organisations.

Through our top network of local specialists

The internationalisation of our open economy puts organisations under considerable pressure. On the one hand, the right match between people and organisation is highly important. On the other hand, the local match with country, region and culture are also vital. We guarantee both through our international network. Get to know our service on a worldwide basis.

Trusted management is enhanced by local expertise

BeljonWesterterp is a member of, and is affiliated with, CFR Global Executive Search, which is a network of more than 300 specialised consultants at around 60 locations spread over more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Oceania. This network enables us to address our clients' management issues worldwide.

We do this by conducting international executive search, assessment or coaching assignments for our clients. Then we direct this care through collaborating with our local partner in the relevant country. Our trusted knowledge of and experience with business in the Netherlands, together with the local knowledge and experience of our partner in the country in question, enable us to track down the best match.

For international search and development challenges

Through CFR Global Executive Search, we help our clients in more than 30 countries with:

  • Executive Search
  • Assessment & Development
  • Coaching

Just like BeljonWesterterp in the Netherlands, our CFR partners feel at home in almost every branch or sector, with precision, a focus on results and quality constituting our shared values.

Do you also need to enhance your international management?

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