Interim managers with leadership skills

Solutions for organisations in a transition phase

We consider it vital to find the right match for both the candidate and the organisation. Interim positions, however, require the specific knowledge, competencies and experience of the interim manager in order to be effective. This is, after all, what will make all the difference in ensuring a programme or project will succeed, the temporary fulfilment of a position or management of a project. Dedication and diligence are the hallmarks of our approach, also with interim assignments. We achieve this by combining a reliable, proven process with a keen eye for long-lasting impact and leadership skills.

For companies, institutions and non-profit organisations

With over 30 years of experience and a network of offices throughout the Netherlands, we are among the top five in the country when it comes to interim advice and mediation. Thanks to our database of interim managers and extensive network, we are able to carry out a quick but diligent search so we can present you with right manager or executive. Everything we do is based on our genuine interest in people and organisations. We provide interim managers for all situations, including crisis management, change projects, temporary bridging periods during illness, sabbatical, succession as well as project or programme management. We find the interim manager with the right expertise, competencies and experience to suit your specific situation.

We are also experienced consultants in the care, education and government sectors. We are successful thanks to the quality of our expert consultants. Each of our consultants is a discussion partner at a strategic level and possesses a sharp analytical ability. They understand your underlying needs, and are always highly professional, diligent and targeted in their approach.

Our service from intake to transfer

An introduction to our approach

Our consultants understand how it important it is for an interim manager to be decisive. By combining diligence and speed, we are able to offer much more than a temporary solution. Behind every interim manager, our shadow manager monitors the quality and the continuity.

  • Assessment: intake, analysis and determining the secondary conditions
  • Recruitment: appointment of shadow manager and start of recruitment via a database, network and multi-channel approach
  • Placement: selection of an interim manager and drawing up the contract
  • Planning: assist the interim manager in drawing up an action plan
  • Execution: monitor progress, sparring and safeguarding the process and continuity
  • Completion: delivery of the end product and transfer
  • Evaluation: process evaluation after completion of assignment

Effective and diligent

The certainty of quality services and a lasting effect

Our effective, diligent approach gives certainty to both the client and the interim manager. Our understanding of the underlying needs of your organisation and the quality of the interim manager are the keys to ensuring a successful match. Throughout the entire process, we maintain the four-eyes principle whereby two consultants are always involved in the recruitment and selection of a candidate. During this time, our shadow manager functions as a sounding board for the interim manager when it comes to the planning, progress, transfer and quality. This means the client can rest assured.

With over 30 years of experience, our clients have come to rely on the lasting results of our proven work method. And the interim managers are ensured a pleasant collaboration and thorough process.

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